Friday, August 29, 2014

In the shop...

In the shop...
Betty Crocker's Outdoor Cook Book illustrated by Tom Funk (1961).
Walt Disney's Disneyland by Martin A. Sklar.
Kites: A Golden Handbook Guide by Wyatt Brummitt, illustrated by Enid Kotschnig (1971).
Walt Disney's Mary Poppins - picture book based on the movie - story adapted by Annie North Bedford, illustrated by Grace Clarke (1973).
Tell Me, Cat by Ellen Fisher, illustrated by Virginia Tiffany (1971).
The Enormous Egg by Oliver Butterworth, illustrated by Louis Darling (signed by the author).
The Stars by H.A. Rey.
The Truthful Harp by Lloyd Alexander, illustrated by Evaline Ness (1967).
The Matter of the Mittens (Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood) by Fred M. Rogers with photographs by John Naso, edited by Susan Tyler Hitchcock (1973).
The My-Fun-With-Words Dictionary: Book One A-K by James Ertel, illustrated by John Everds (1974).
There's a Monster Eating My House by Art Cummings (1981).